Constitution 20/21

Yesterday the general members meeting took place and the new board was installed. Meaning the end of our board year is officially here. This GMM was a special one, due to corona sadly not all board members could be there and everyone present was placed five feet apart.

This GMM is always an exciting moment for the new board, first they have to tell us who they are and why they want to join the board. After that, the members vote on their candidacy. When they are installed, they must immediately continue with the GMM. But not before the meeting is temporarily suspended, so the old president can pass the BLOK secret onto the new president. The GGM was a beautiful evening, and we are so excited to present the board of 2020-2021 to you!

The new board members:
Ritmeester (president) – Pia Kramer
Quartiermeester (first secretary) – Merel Koorn
Rentmeester (treasurer) – Danique Merkx
Stalmeester (second secretary) – Maja Wilkowski

We want to thanks all members for our beautiful board year. We had a lot of fun, even during the corona crisis; we couldn’t have done it without you!
We wish the new board all the best in the coming year. Have lots of fun and remember, BONBONBLOK!

The old board (19-20)