SO BLOK 2023 was great!

On March 11 and 12 it was finally time for BLOK SO. After months of preparation it was time for the committee to shine. Many delegations of student equestrian associations from all over the country traveled to picturesque Woudenberg to battle it out. Manege Groenwoude is familiar territory for many, since many trail rides or riders’ weekends are organized here. After getting a tour du stables on Friday evening, the BLOK volunteers were completely at home at the stables.


On Saturday the preparation started early: at 10 o’clock the volunteers and the committee began brushing and grooming the horses. Fortunately, Manege Groenewoude does not have as many white horses as the Hollandsche Manege and therefore the braiding in particular was the biggest job. Some SO committee members had no experience in braiding and tying manes, but after watching a Youtube tutorial we were all experts. Some horses outsmarted the committee and escaped the hair salon at an unguarded moment. This exemplified the importance of a halter.

Game On!

In the afternoon the participants were signed in and grabbed a lottery ticket from the police cap with blood fingers, as the theme was True Crime. A quick warm-up and the tests could commence. Although it was BLOK SO the performances of the BLOKKERS differed. Whereas Fu-Hao and Jordan left the competition far behind, Bestuur BLOK was already eliminated after the preliminary round.

During the party after day 1, the next discipline was BeerPong. Although during the day the different associations competed against each other, during Beerpong the hands were joined to beat the opponents. After the next day’s finalists were announced, peace returned to the stables.


The next morning started early with show jumping. The bars stayed on surprisingly well and Sylvana Gerges of G.S.P.V. Parafrid went home with the victory.

Then it was time for the dressage finals. For BLOK, Fu-Hao van Lookeren Campagne and Jordan Bawits competed against each other for the win in the Ba. Jordan came in second and Fu-Hao captured the win in the Ba on her first SO! Congratulations ladies!

In the Bb, Noor Hilbers of Hipac St Joris conquered first place. The La was won by Michelle MacBean of G.S.P.V. Parafrid. And our one and only VNS President Iris Haveman of G.S.P.V. Parafrid won the Lb final despite a guaranteed hangover! Congratulations ladies!

With so many winners there in Groningen, it was no surprise that the G.S.P.V. Parafrid walked away with the Equipe prize. Hopefully the cake tasted good.

Thank you!

The SO Committee would like to thank all participants, supporters, volunteers and Manege Groenewoude for your help, effort and presence during the SO! See you next year!