Amazing first trail ride on Frisian horses!

The first trail ride of the year is a fact. On January 7th, ten BLOKKERS mounted Frisian horses and went for a New Years beach ride in Wassenaar. And what a ride it was! At 9.30 we arrived at manege de Friezen Hendrikse where we were warmly greeted by the owner Esmee. Everybody was assigned a horse based on personal preference (calm or spicy?) and then went on to meet their partners of the day. We put on their bridles and took them to the arena. When everybody was ready, we went on our way.

After tackling some hills in the dunes, we arrived at the beach. The horses were very calm but excited, so once the path was free of “uitwaaiers” we let them go into canter. There were some challenges on the beach like kids chasing a ball and a dog thinking he could beat a Frisian, but nothing our riders couldn’t handle!

Once we were back at the stable, it was time for some well deserved carrots for the horses and some cuddles with our new mascot Evert. And what better way to end a beach day than with pancakes at a Pannenkoeken boerderij?

Overall a very nice ride and we will definitely be back at de Friezen Hendrikse!